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How long have you been providing phone numbers and services?
Barritec Ltd, trading as Magicall, has more than twenty years of experience in the telecommunications industry.
What type of number is most suitable for my business?
You are unique, and so is your business. Our Customer Services team will assist you in finding the right number type(s) for your business. Get in touch with them now to utilise their expertise.
What charges will my customers pay?
The cost to your customers for calling your numbers depends on the range being called, as well as who their telecoms provider is. Visit our costs section for some examples.
0845 numbers are free?
As a telecommunications provider, we can provide 0845, 0844 and 0843 numbers to you for free. This is because we get a small rebate per minute. Now’s the time for you to enjoy getting calls from customers, at no cost to you.
Can I route my number to more than one number?
The simple answer is - Yes. Available through the Route Plan, Time of Day Routing and the Call Menu features that come free with all numbers.
How many times can I redirect my number, and is there a fee to do so?
Fantastic news. Redirect your number(s) as often as you like. Whenever you like. Every account has a 24/7 online control panel.
Can you provide a guide on what the monthly charges will be?

The charges from Magicall are:
Monthly fees – where applicable
Top-ups – that you control

It is important to note that there are no excess pence per minute (ppm) charges, if you do not have enough credit and auto top-ups are not enabled, your calls will simply not connect when your account balance runs out.

Account Balance - how does this work?

Accounts require funds to receive calls, and top-ups can be applied at any time. Your calls will be the same cost, whether you answer your calls on a landline or a standard mobile network. Your calls will be deducted from your account on a per minute basis.

When your account balance gets low, you will be notified by email that a top-up is required. There are two balance levels for you to use to send notifications. Alternatively, there is the auto top-up option that will simply charge your card when the balance reaches a value that you have set in advance.

Calls to 0800 number from a mobile caller, will be charged an additional 2.5p per minute on top of the call cost.

Can any number use the account balance?
The account balance is designed to pay for all your calls, across all your numbers. 0845/0844/0843 do not require an account balance, unless you are routing to another 0845/0844/0843 number or to an international destination.
No Account Balance, what happens?
If your mobile is out of credit you cannot make calls. In the same way, an account with no balance, cannot receive any calls. Top-up to get your calls back up and running.
Top-ups - how do they work?
Once a top-up has been successfully processed, your account balance will be updated immediately. Along with any bonus that comes with the purchase.
Top-up Bonuses - how do they work?
Top-ups of £25 or more, all come with a bonus value. This bonus value goes towards lowering the cost of your per minute call costs. The higher the top-up, then lower your pence per minute call costs become.
How do you define an active account / account activity?
An inactive account is defined as receiving no calls in the previous 12 months. Please see our terms for more information about account termination.
As a business, how should I advertise an 0845 number?

More recent regulations have meant that all businesses that advertise an 0845/0844/0843 number need to clearly display the service charge on their marketing materials.

"Calls to this number are charged at (insert service charge) per minute plus your phone company’s access charge."

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Can customers call Magicall numbers from abroad?
Yes. All of our number ranges are available internationally. Simply pop +44 in the front of the number and drop the leading 0.
Can I port my existing phone number from another provider to Magicall?
Of course, you can 😊 Simply email customerservices@magicall.co.uk with the number you wish to port. Thus, starting your journey to a better phone service provider.
Will customers be able to see my Magicall number when I dial out?
It really depends on your phone system. Many can be configured to display a different number. Check with your phone supplier, or manual.
What type of support can I expect?

Simply the best... do, do, do, do... better than all the rest.

Okay, being serious. Call, email or live chat our outstanding Customer Services team. They are there for you, and will endeavour to provide support that is second to none.

My verification email has not arrived – what should I do next?
That’s not helpful at all. Check your Spam/Junk folders first. If you still have no luck locating your verification email, then hop on to live chat or contact the stellar customer services team. They will get to the bottom of the issue in a flash.
I have forgotten my log in/password details?
No worries - contact the awesome customer services team for help and support gaining access to your account. Via live chat or via the contact page.
I'd like to request a new feature. How do I do this?
We have a wide range of telecoms features. We’d welcome any new telecoms ideas that you have. Let us know via the contact page. If we build it, we will post you a doughnut, or two.