Here at Magicall, our aim is to share all our marvellously ingenious features with all our customers, with the intention of elevating businesses to new heights. We had clear intentions from the start...

  • Make telecoms easier for everyone
  • Make telecoms more affordable
  • Provide a magical customer experience with UK based support
  • Utilise our 20+ years of telcoms experience
  • Implement the most innovative features
  • Assist our customers every step of the way

our magicall-osophy

Founded on 20+ years of telecoms expertise.

Magicall, a brand of Barritec, understands that all businesses, large or small, have very diverse communications needs. We want our customers to shine and flourish. Magicall can enable these opportunities through dedicated UK based account management. These managers work tirelessly to bring the very best of customer services to our outstanding client base. Professional and reliable. Magicall is all about bringing you more, for less.

We're simply Magicall.

Some team members

James Barrington-Brown

Managing Director

Annabel Bowe

Operations Manager

Miranda Catlin

Customer Services

Kingsley Tart

Senior Developer

Ben Williams

Senior Developer

Steve Hodges

Senior Designer

Gareth Blades

Network Engineer